Monday, May 7, 2012

Dollywood, Here We Come!

We had such a fun weekend! Did you get a chance to see the supermoon this Saturday?  The girls were in bed by the time it rose, but Andy and I were able to see it. It was so bright, it almost looked like the sun rising!

On Sunday we went to Dollywood with our friends, Brad and Amber, and their sweet son, Matthew. This was our first trip to an amusement park with either of the girls and it did not disappoint!

Our first ride was the 50's car race track. Both girls got to drive and loved every single second.

Next up was the River Rampage. Sophia was too little and Brad was kind enough to sit out with Sophia while the rest of us braved the rapids. Emma was a little hesitant at first, but ended up having fun on the "boats," even though she got soaked!

Sophia loved all the rides she was able to go on and she looked like such a big girl. Emma and Matthew did as much as they could and we adults enjoyed watching them have a great time!

It was pretty hot this weekend but the kids were able to cool off at the little splash pad inside the park. They love the water!

Brad, Amber, and Matthew,
Thanks for letting us tag along! We had a fabulous time!
The Stegners