Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Recap

2011 was a great year to us.  It was full of fun and laughter as we became a new family.  Let's recap the year...

We got some pretty big snowfalls in January, which brought snow days and let us get in some extra bonding time with our family of three.  Emma learned some new tricks at Little Gym and started becoming more confident in her classes.

What a great month! Our family was completed when sweet Sophia arrived.  She was born at 10:05 and weighed 8 pounds 5 ounces and was 19 inches long.   She and Emma instantly fell in love with one another as did we.  Sophia arrived like a whirlwind and hasn't slowed down since.

We were still adjusting to our new family and to having a baby in the house. We were tired but happy.  Sophia was baptized this month and looked so beautiful. Sophia hit a few milestones and was able to sit up in her Bumbo.  We didn't realize it at the time, but the upright position helped her reflux and made her so happy. Emma found out that being a big sister had some perks.  She finally had someone to boss around.

My baby girl turned TWO this month and I was (and still am) so proud of the little girl she was becoming.  She gave up her pacifier without any problems whatsoever. We celebrated Easter as a family and realized that taking a family picture wouldn't be so easy anymore.  Sophia gave her first real smile and brightened up our world a little bit more.  We got a new addition to our family--my sister's dog Fiona, and Emma quickly realized that she needed a dog too. No such luck kiddo.

Sophia was three months old and learned how to play peek-a-boo.  We were able to hear her first giggle. We were still struggling with Sophia's reflux and we didn't know if we'd ever find a solution. She also learned how to roll and we got a glimpse of what having two mobile kids would be like. Emma was enjoying her summer and was learning lots of new trades. She was beginning swim lessons and enjoyed building things. She graduated from Little Gym and was so proud of her new medal. We took a trip to the zoo to celebrate my first Mother's Day as a mother of two and it was perfect!

 June was a tough month for us.  My sister was in a car accident from which she is still recovering.  We were full of worry and sadness for her.  The girls didn't understand that she was in the hospital and missed seeing her.  Andy celebrated Father's Day and we celebrated what a fantastic dad and husband he is.  I took the girls on an outing to the Children's Museum on own, which was a big step for me. The girls were enjoying the sunshine and enjoyed playing in the water and with each other.

I decided to do a Week in the Life series on the blog, which was fun and a great way for me to look back and see how our summer with the girls at these ages went. The girls really started to play together this month and I was really enjoying my summer with them, even though it was VERY hard at times.  Emma went to see her first movie, Winnie the Pooh, and Sophia stared eating solid foods (rice cereal).

I went back to work this month and! It was sad to leave my girls after six months with them.  Before school started back up again, we took a trip to Chattanooga to visit the aquarium. Sophia turned six months old and was very close to crawling. We introduced vegetables to her diet this month and she loved it!  The blog took a beating since I was back at work and spending any free time I had with the girls.

September was a quiet month (I like those) and we enjoyed a few fun outings as a family.  We went to Greekfest, had a picnic, and played in the rain. Sophia started fully crawling and kept busy by getting into everything.

October was such a fun month!  We celebrated our favorite little buddy's second birthday, took the girls to Boo at the Zoo and went trick-or-treating. Emma turned two and a half and had a special half-birthday celebration. We took the girls to the pumpkin patch (twice!) and we each got our own pumpkin. Andy and I celebrated our five-year anniversary and managed to get away for a day trip to the Smokies.

In November, we celebrated Thanksgiving and Sophia got to try some new foods.  We continued our Thanksgiving tradition and attended The Fantasy of Trees to get into the Christmas spirit and visit Santa.  Both girls did great with Santa and didn't even cry. Sophia continued to grow in leaps and bounds and started pulling up on everything.  We knew that walking wouldn't be far behind.

December was a blast and a great end to a fantastic year.  We celebrated Christmas and Emma learned the true meaning of holiday.  She told her sister every day, and even strangers at the store, that we were celebrating Jesus' birthday. Sophia started walking and kept everyone on their toes.  We were fortunate to spend lots of time together as a family at the end of the month and are looking forward to a new year with our sweet little girls!

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope 2012 is full of blessings for you and yours.