Friday, April 15, 2011

The Paci Fairy Cometh

The Paci Fairy made a stop by our house last night. She gathered up all the pacis and took them to give to all the new babies being born. In exchange for the pacis, she left a token of appreciation for the big girl that gave them up.

That big girl would be Emma. We've been talking about the Paci Fairy for a while now, and each time, Emma looked at me like I was nuts.

"What is this crazy lady talking about now? I'm not letting that fairy anywhere near my pacis."

So I thought that we were going to have a major fight on our hands when the time came. I anticipated hours of screaming, crying, and other acts of carrying on. Once again, Emma surprised me. After we said our prayers, I asked her if she was ready to put her pacis out for the P.F.

"Ok. Night Mommy! Miss you! Bye!"

Um, I didn't even get to give the big speech that I had prepared. I gave her a kiss and left the room.

Through the monitor, I could hear her normal bedtime babble. She was telling her sleeping pals (Puppy and Ernie) all about her day. Then I heard a little uncertainty slip into her voice.

"Paci? Where could paci be?"

30 minutes later, she was up and starting to get upset. I went into her room to talk to her and reminded her that the P.F. took all the pacis and that big girls didn't need them, yada, yada, yada.

She laid back down, said good-night and tried again. After 5 minutes of talking to herself ("It's ok. Paci Fairy give babies."), she was out like a light.

All I have to say is, this kid definitely inherited her daddy's sense of calm and reason. Thank goodness!

This morning, she woke up full of smiles, ready to see if the P.F. did what was promised.

I'm pretty nervous about couldn't be over this easily!

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Marcia said... Best Blogger Tips

What a big girl! SO proud of Emma! :)