Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Today was the big doctor visit. Emma had her two-year checkup and Sophia had her two-month. We were dreading this day because both girls were scheduled for two shots each. Ouch! At first they were pretty happy to play in the room and be fawned over by the nurses. Here are the stats for each girl:

Weight: 22 pounds 6 ounces
Height: 32 1/4 inches
She is likely to:
  • speak in short sentences (yup)
  • point and/or label common things in picture books (sure does)
  • know first name when asked (she can, but only when she feels like it)
  • kick a ball (check)
  • respond to simple requests (um...)
  • have temper tantrums at times (HELLO?!?)
I guess she's perfectly normal, the skinny little thing.

Weight: 11 pounds even
Height: 22 3/8 inches
She is likely to:
  • coo and smile (YES!)
  • hold a rattle (yup)
  • Show pleasure interacting with parents and caregivers (yes, until they poke her with needles)
My girls are getting big and are right on track! Always good to hear!

I'll spare you the after pictures (I wasn't cruel enough to take any anyway) but I'll share a few taken during our wait.

Emma kept herself occupied by opening cabinets, drawers and drumming on the stool. We brought toys but they weren't nearly as fun!

Sophia exercised to keep herself busy.

Her she is in all her 11 pound glory!

Emma was given a gown to wear for the first time. The novelty wore off quickly and she stripped it within 10 minutes.

Emma was a great big sister as always: she told Sophia lots of stories to keep her happy.

Thankfully the tears are over and we're resting at home. Emma is cuddled on the couch and as a special treat, she gets to watch however much TV she wants. Thank goodness for Disney On Demand. Sophia's special treat is that she gets to nap while being held by Mommy instead of in her crib.

My girls have simple requests and on shot days, I'm happy to oblige.

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Rylan said... Best Blogger Tips

Trynam, awwwwww! The kids are so adorable! I totally would know how they'd feel! Hahaha!

By the way, loving her gown! Didn't even know they provided such thing! FAbulous!