Saturday, April 16, 2011

Operation No Paci- Night #2

I think I was more worried about the second no paci night than I was the first. Maybe Emma's willingness was due to the novelty of the Paci Fairy (read about that here) and would be short lived.


Last night at bedtime, she shouted "No paci!" and crawled into bed. Once again, I picked my jaw up off the floor, gave her a kiss, and left. No crying. No asking for her paci. Nothing.

This is a kid that would scream bloody murder when we took her paci away in the morning. The same girl that would "sneak" a quick suck on Sophia's paci.

We only had one slight hitch this morning. Emma popped up out of bed, looked around, and upon not seeing a Paci Fairy gift, said "Uh oh!" Then she got up and forgot about it.

I keep waiting for the second shoe to drop. Stay tuned...hopefully this really is goodbye forever.

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