Monday, April 25, 2011


We began the Easter festivities on Saturday by dying eggs. Emma was so excited to get her hands on the eggs and drop them in the dye. We pretty much let her do it all on her own, which made this mama a little scared when she began dropping them in the dye cups with a mighty splash. I helped her take the eggs out, but she did the rest. She did a great job and we had beautiful eggs.

Easter morning began very early, with both girls getting up at 6:30 in the morning. The Easter Bunny hid the baskets and Emma had to hunt around the house to to find hers. Thankfully, the Easter Bunny took it easy on Sophia and put hers into her swing so it was easy to find. Emma was a great hunter and looked all over the house before she finally spotted it behind the TV.

Emma wasted no time tearing into her basket. Sophia took her time and checked things out nice and slow.
Both girls took a time out from their baskets to have a little story time. Daddy read them the story of Easter, which they loved.
In the afternoon, we went to my mom and dad's for Easter dinner and an egg hunt. Emma and Sophia got more baskets full of lots of toys, clothes, and treats.

One of Emma's favorite gifts was a pair of binoculars from Nana and Papa. She loves the Sesame Street episode where Elmo and Abby become birdwatchers looking for a Blue Bar Pigeon. She always pretends to look through her binoculars with an attachment from my hairdryer (she has a great imagination). Now she has her very own pair!
The Easter Bunny made it out to my mom and dad's and hid all of the eggs that Emma had made. Once she got started, there was no stopping her! My parents have a pretty big yard, so Emma had to look really hard and was worn out by the end.

I wish I could post a beautiful picture of our family, but between Sophia not liking the sun in her eyes and Emma not getting a nap and coming off a sugar high, you can probably guess what the attempts looked like. So I will just leave you with the images of happy, smiling children.

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