Monday, August 1, 2011

Chattanooga Aquarium

The countdown to the first day of school is rapidly approaching. One more week and I'll be back at work. With two little kids, we skipped the vacations this year, so I wanted to get in some last minute fun with a day trip to the Chattanooga Aquarium.

This was our very first long trip (longer than 45 minutes) in the car since Sophia was born, so we were a little nervous about how it would turn out, but it was great! Sophia slept for most of the hour and 45 minute drive down there and they both took naps on the way home.

It was surprisingly hot inside of the aquarium, but the fish were beautiful. Watching the kids watch the fish was even better.

Excited about buying our tickets!

Petting a sturgeon

Little girl; Big, big turtle shell

She wanted to "touch" this crab. I think the feeling was mutual.
She liked seeing the clown fish.  She would wave and say, "Hi Nemo!"

Feeling the cold penguin water.

These were seriously some of the funniest penguins I have ever encountered.  They were such showoffs and were so amazing to watch!

And just in case you were wondering where my girls get their flair for dramatics...
...wonder no more.

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