Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tea Parties and a Tiny Troublemaker

I just love watching my girls play.  I can't get enough of watching them together.  Now that Sophia is getting bigger, Emma tries to include her in everything she does.  Most of the time, Sophia has no problem keeping up and loves playing with her big sister.

Today, Emma invited Sophia into her room for a tea party.  She served a lovely meal of orange juice, tea and cookies.  I was also invited, but only to serve as photographer. 
Before their snack, Emma showed Sophia how to fix her toy.
Emma was a wonderful hostess and served her guest first.

Even though the food was good, Sophia preferred the plates.

Big sister loves her anyway. 

Once the tea party was over, Emma decided that it was time for a little reading practice.

Her class was very attentive.

"Ms. Stegner" did a great job making sure her students had a good view of all the pictures.  
Class was going really well until a small disruption began.

One of the students couldn't keep her hands to herself.

There's one in every class, isn't there?

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Oh my! They are just darling pictures of them! You know I'm going to want all of those pictures please!