Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Week in the Life: Tuesday

 Well, I guess I didn't scare you off too badly if you're reading today's Week in the Life! :)

This morning I woke up at 5:00 to feed Sophia.  She didn't want to go back to sleep, so we got up for the day.  We had thunderstorms move through early this morning and the thunder woke Emma up around 6:30.  Luckily, Andy and I were able to get the girls ready for the day, and I was able to get myself ready, before he left for work.  We watched the news for a little bit to keep an eye on the weather.  It can change at the drop of a hat around here.  There was a heat advisory for today, which I really don't like, but it actually stayed much cooler than they were predicting (which was 97).

Emma got hungry for breakfast around 7:00, so I let her watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while Sophia played in her jumper and I made breakfast (Emma: french toast, yogurt, blueberries. Me: oatmeal).  Sophia was really fussy all during breakfast, so I didn't get to finish mine.  The only thing that calmed her down was walking with her so by the time I got back to my bowl my oatmeal had become a brick.  So I ate a banana and called it a day.

After breakfast, I was pretty tired and Sophia was obviously tired, so we just lounged around.  Sophia laid on her blanket and chewed on a cold cloth, Emma played with her babies, and I enjoyed the quiet.  Sophia started falling asleep on the floor, so I put her in her swing and let her sleep.  I let Emma color in the dining room while I packed up the diaper bag.  Emma has Kindermusik on Tuesdays and Sophia goes to the girls' Mimi's house, so I needed to get Sophia's bag ready for the morning/afternoon.  I got a snack and drink ready for Emma for her to have in the car.
This swing is by far the best purchase we have ever made.  It has helped us survive two fussy babies!

Sophia slept until it was time for us to leave, so I had to wake her up to put her in her car seat.  Luckily, she didn't get too upset and Emma's singing kept her entertained during the car ride.  Once we dropped her off, Emma and I headed to Kindermusik.  This is such a great program.  It incorporates music (obviously) and movement.  The theme for this session is "Wonders of the Ocean," which is right up Emma's alley.  On the way to the class, she told me over and over again that she was going to see her teacher.  She has two friends in her class as well, which makes it extra fun.  One of the instruments the kids played with today was bells, including belly bells, which go around the waist.  I was so proud of my girl for dancing around and shaking her bells.  She can sometimes be shy and unsure of herself, so I was happy to see her having fun.

After her class, we did what girls do--we went shopping and then had lunch. We went to Smart Toys and Books, which is a great place to look around because you can play with all the toys.  Emma had fun playing with the dolls and the tea set.  After the store, we went to Chick-fil-a, which is Emma's favorite place to eat.  It was so busy there because it was right around lunchtime.  It took quite a while to get our food and to find a table, but it was worth it as always! 

After lunch, we left to pick up Sophia and visit with Mimi for a bit.  Emma fell asleep on the way home, even though Sophia cried periodically throughout the trip.  As soon as we got home, I carried Sophia into the house and then carried Emma straight upstairs and into bed.  Thankfully she stayed asleep and slept for two and a half hours.  Kindermusik always wears her out!  Sophia and I played while Emma napped until she started to get sleepy around 3:00.  Her early morning completely threw off her "schedule."  I use that term loosely, however. I fed her, rocked her and put her down for a nap. Thankfully, both girls took great naps this afternoon. I love days like that.  Andy and I tag teamed making dinner (Buffalo wings, white cheddar macaroni & cheese, and corn on the cob) and Sophia was so happy from her long nap that she was happy all during dinner.
This is a common sight after Emma's nap.  She usually wakes up pretty grumpy and wants to have some snuggle time with me in my bed, but that can't always happen if Sophia is awake. She's still adjusting to having a sibling.

After dinner, we hit a big milestone and gave Sophia her first meal of rice cereal.  She loved it and I could barely keep up with her.  We're hoping that introducing solids will help with her reflux.  We'll stick to cereal for a while though until we figure out if she has any allergies or not.

She LOVED it!

After we cleaned up the kitchen, Andy went to a HOA meeting and the girls and I listened to music and danced.  A few weeks ago, we made a video for my sister to watch while she was in the hospital.  She HATES the song "Car Wash" so being the loving sister that I am, I made her video of the girls dancing to that song (she loved it though).  Ever since then, the girls love that song.  Emma will ask for it and she'll dance all around the house.  Sophia kicks, laughs and shrieks.  We danced to that and sang "Jesus Loves Me," which Emma wanted to listen to over and over again.  :)

Skyped with Auntie Tonia and Auntie Kimi.  Both girls really hammed it up for the camera.  I took the girls upstairs and let Sophia play on the floor in Emma's room while I got her washed up and ready for bed.  Since Andy wasn't here, I didn't attempt both baths on my own, so each girl just got a sponge bath.  He got home while I was getting Emma in her pajamas so he was able to help me finish.  After that, we came downstairs to clean up the toys and read a book before bed.  Emma got a Pinocchio book from Chick-fil-a today and she wanted me to read that.  It was weird...unlike any version I have ever heard.  It might magically disappear, if you know what I mean. ;)

I just put Emma to bed and Andy is giving Sophia her last bottle of the night and putting her to bed too.  I'm hoping we can both make it an early night.  I just have to finish washing bottles and getting things ready for tomorrow and then it will be time for bed.

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