Thursday, July 14, 2011

Week in the Life: Thursday

Today was not a very good day.

I woke up this morning at 6:00.  Everyone was still sleeping, even Andy, so I got up and got ready while I enjoyed the quiet time to myself.  Sophia had a doctor's appointment at 9:00, so I needed to get things organized before we left.  She had some blood work done a couple of weeks ago and we were meeting with the doctor to go over the results.  Emma woke up around 7:00, and I got her up and dressed, then made her scrambled eggs for breakfast.  As I was changing her diaper this morning, I noticed a white little bump in her diaper area.  She had a couple of small, red bumps (they looked like mosquito bites) a couple of days ago down there, but I didn't think too much of it.  This morning, one of them had developed a white head, like a pimple.  I mentioned it to Andy and we agreed that one of us would take her to the doctor, while the other took Sophia.  Unfortunately, they were not the same doctor, or office. 

I headed out with Sophia and got great news regarding the results.  All of the tests came back normal, which is a huge relief.  She weighed 15 pounds, 12 ounces. That's half of a pound bigger than last week.  WOW! Sophia did really well and never got fussy.  She fell asleep as soon as we left the parking lot, so I stopped by Starbucks for a coffee and a treat for Emma.

When I got home, I got an text from Andy from the doctor's office.  The doctor said that the bumps looked like staph and prescribed an antibiotic. Oh my word. I can't even believe it.  I immediately panicked and hated that I wasn't there.  I sent a million questions to Andy to ask the doctor.  Then I did the dumbest thing I could have done.  I got on the internet.  By the time Andy and Emma got home, I was in tears and in full panic mode.  Andy assured me that this was a common problem, especially in the summer and the doctors didn't think it was serious, especially since we caught it early.   They did a culture, but we won't get the results until Saturday.  The antibiotic that they prescribed is the one that is used for MRSA, the staph "superbug," which made me feel more confident that she would be ok. Once I calmed down, I gave Emma her treat, a birthday cake pop, which she thought was the best thing in the world. 

Andy and I spent a lot of time talking when he got home and did some research so that we could be prepared with even more questions to ask the doctor.  One of our biggest concerns was the potential transfer to Sophia.  Andy left to pick up Emma's prescription and I played with the girls.  When he got home, we gave her her first dose and she took it like a champ!  I made her lunch right after and we all sat down to eat.  Andy left for work shortly after and I made some phone calls.  Andy ended up coming right back home so that I could get started cleaning and disinfecting right away.  I went to Walmart to load up on sanitizer, bleach, and other germ killing cleaners.
Say hello to my new best friends.

I spent the rest of the day washing clothes, bed linens, towels, cleaning the bathrooms, disinfecting toys, etc.  My hands may permanently smell like bleach.  Andy made spaghetti and breadsticks for dinner, which is Emma's favorite meal.  She loves practicing twirling her spaghetti with her fork.
Sophia didn't take a long nap today, so she took a quick catnap after dinner.  Doesn't this just melt your heart?

After dinner, I went back to cleaning.  After I finished, I gave Emma a shower.  Several resources recommended showers instead of baths to decrease the chance of spreading.  Andy got Sophia ready for bed and put her in a pair of special pajamas.  When Emma was younger, she wore these same pajamas and slept through the night for the first time, earning them the name "Magic Pajamas."  You can read all about them in this post.  Seeing them on Sophia brought back so many memories of Emma at this age.  They look so much alike, that sometimes it's hard to tell who is who!

Emma was feeling extra loving toward her sister tonight and asked me to take their picture.  I was happy to oblige. :)  After we played for a bit, we cleaned up and read a few books.  Emma and I said a few extra special prayers for her quick healing.
These two make it all worth it.

Andy and I are getting ready to do one last round of disinfecting of the downstairs toys and then I'll be heading to bed.  It's been a long, emotional day.

Here are a few scenes from our cleaning spree...

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nana said... Best Blogger Tips

oh yes i love these beautiful pictures. they are so precious to me.

Mrs. K said... Best Blogger Tips

Your girls look like twins when you compare photos like that. Too cute! I hope Emma feels better soon.

Karen said... Best Blogger Tips

Tryna, I love that you do this. The picture of them in the pj's is so awesome to see how much they looked alike at that age. You are such a wonderful mom :). Glad to hear that the antibiotics are working.