Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

It's Saturday again, and I'm linking up with Katie over at Loves of Life for the Saturday Morning Scene. Head on over and share yours too!

Saturday Morning Scene

This morning, I woke up and knew that I didn't want this Saturday to be like most others. Usually, we lounge around the house all morning and by the time we all get ready, it's time for a nap or lunch and then we put off getting out of the house entirely.

Andy got up with the baby last night, so he slept in this morning. We work well together on this: I hate waking up in the middle of the night, because I can never fall back to sleep. So a 45 minute feeding usually keeps me up for 2+ hours. However, I don't mind waking up early. Andy falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow, but he hates waking up early. So this arrangement works really well on the weekends.

The girls lounged around, waiting on Daddy

Emma decided to channel Mother Teresa

While he slept, I was able to get the girls up, fed, and dressed so that we could head out as soon as he was ready. We didn't have big plans, but going anywhere with 2 kids in tow always turns into a big outing. We went to Turkey Creek, a busy shopping area, to do some shopping and to have lunch. The kids loved looking at the water fountains and walking around, even through it's 1,054 degrees outside.

When we stopped off at Panera to grab something to eat, we were patiently waiting in line, minding our own business when a lady and her friend (daughter?) got in front of us. Normally, I would have rolled my eyes at Andy and shot daggers at her without saying anything, but there were about six people behind us and I wasn't about the let her cut in front of them.

Have you ever seen the show "What Would You Do?" It's a hidden camera show that videotapes people's reactions to various situations. I just know I am going to be on that show one day, and I don't want to be that person who the people at home are screaming at, mad that I didn't do or say anything. I have a reputation to uphold

So the line cutter gets in front of us and I say (very nicely, I might add), "Actually, the line is back there."

Line Cutter looks at me in disdain and walks off in a huff saying loudly, "Well, maybe you should get in line then."

Oh no, she didn't.

I don't really remember what I said then, but it was something to the effect of explaining how one line that feeds into three registers works; you wait to be called to the next register.

Hey, I'm a teacher, lady. I know the "line rules."

She continued to argue with me. As she sulked to the back, she continued to complain about us not being in line, causing my very non-confrontational hubby to look her in the eye and firmly say, "We were in line."

No, it wasn't Jerry Springer worthy, but in our household, a "fight" like that ranks right up there with the Tyson/Holyfield ear fiasco.

So there you have it. Our exciting adventure out of the house. I think we're good for another month or so.

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Lorilynne said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh man, you are so lucky that your hubs can help out with the night feedings! Mine can't breastfeed so should my little man wake up, it's all me all the time. But after three kids, I'm pretty used to lack of sleep so no biggie.
That's about as confrontational as I get too. I would have been pretty proud of myself for saying something, so go you!