Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene - Saying Goodbye

I'm linking up with Katie today to share our Saturday Morning Scene.  Here's ours:

We are saying goodbye to the baby stuff (sob).  We kept all of Emma's old things for Sophia, but now that she's getting so big (sniff, sniff), we need to start making some space and get rid of what we aren't using (tear).  Our neighborhood is having a yard sale, so we thought this would be a great time to do it (boo hoo).

It is so hard to let go of some of these items, because I so vividly remember what my babies looked like wearing them or using them. Like this one:

Emma wore this when she went on her first outing to Target.  She also gave her first smile in this onesie.

Then there's this one:
Who can forget my sweet Sophia, caught on camera right before a sneeze, but looking scared out of her mind?

We're also selling some of our other baby things that we will be sad to say goodbye to.  Such as our beloved swing.

This was by far the best purchase we have ever made.  It helped us survive colic, reflux and sleep problems with both of our girls.  The songs that played while it was in motion were the soundtrack for our lives for quite some time.  We were actually looking forward to taking it out of storage when Sophia was born.

Of course, there are some things that we will save forever.  Like Andy's favorite pair of pajama's that were worn by both girls:

I can neither confirm nor deny if I was sobbing as I pulled each item out of the storage bags.  I also may or may not weep as each item goes home with it's new owner.  Andy may banish me to the house so that I don't freak out the potential customers.

Now head on over to Loves of Life to see what others are doing this Saturday morning.  I can almost guarantee that the other participants will not be an emotional wreck while folding clothes.

Sob, sob, sob.

9 sweet somethings said:

Mrs. Stethoscope said... Best Blogger Tips

stopping by from SMS
I know the feeling everytime I clean out the drawers of clothes my Emma has outgrown I think back to when she last wore those things... so many memories... too bad you dont live nearby (or who knows maybe you do) I am yardsaleing today looking for a swing for a dear friend.

Christina said... Best Blogger Tips

I know the feeling. With our last baby already 1, cleaning out her clothes is sad...

Katie @ Chronicles of KT said... Best Blogger Tips

your girls are precious, i just had to pack up all my guys newborn clothes and it was so sad :(

Katie @ Loves of Life said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh wow, that is hard :(

Kim said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh that is sad. I got sad just thinking about doing the same thing. We're saving ours in case we have another girl but when the time comes for them to go I'm sure I will shed some tears!

KSK said... Best Blogger Tips

:( Very sad!!! I was sad just boxing LB's clothes up... I don't want to think about getting rid of it someday!!!

Cajun Cowgirl said... Best Blogger Tips

Saying hey from SMS! So many cute tiny girly things! I've been working on my little guy's stash and it's definitely a pain to store them, but we hope for a little brother someday! If not, they'd be gonners!

Have a super weekend!

Tryna said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one that has a hard time with this! It's so hard to see your babies grow up!

Nana said... Best Blogger Tips

I am sad to see all that clothes. I remember when Emma wore a lot of those clothes, and now Sophia too. No way, I don't think I could do it. I am very sad now!