Monday, July 18, 2011

The Master Evader

Emma is still taking her antibiotic two times a day and she hates it.  Now she does everything she can to avoid taking it.  She has many approaches, so allow me to share some of my favorites with you:

Tactic #1: The Sidestep

When I call Emma to take her medicine and she tries The Sidestep, she will dance, wiggle, and tiptoe her way over to me.  It may take several minutes to wrangle her in.

Tactic #2: Confuse Mom

This is easier to do on some days, especially if I'm giving the morning dose and I haven't had my coffee yet.  This morning, Emma tried this exact tactic and it went something like this:

Me: Emma, come take your medicine.
Emma: I took my medicine.
Me: No, you haven't taken it yet.
E: Yes, I took my medicine.
Me: Did you???
E: Sees an out and runs away. 

Tactic #3: Pass the Buck

When Emma sees me getting her medicine, she will throw me, her dad, the cat, anyone or thing she can find, under the bus.  Last night it was her sister. As soon as she saw me get the bottle out she said, "That's Sophia's medicine. Oh, Sophia, it's ok.  Your medicine make you better."  When I told her that no, it was her medicine, she looked at me with pity and switched to Tactic #2: Confuse Mom.  "No, mama, that's Sophia's medicine!" There's no family loyalty when medicine is involved.

Tactic # 4: The All Clear

Now that we're on day four of the antibiotic, and she feels fine, she doesn't feel the need to take it anymore, even though she needs to take it for the full 10 days.  When she uses this tactic, she tries to reason with me.

Me: Emma, here's your medicine.
Emma: No, I'm all better.
Me: You need to take your medicine so that you'll keep feeling well.
Emma: No, I feel better.  I'm ok, see?

Tactic # 5: Avoidance

This one always makes me laugh because it's amazing how busy she can become at a moment's notice.  She hates to pick up her toys, but if it's time to take her medicine, she MUST pick up every.single.toy.  And her sister's toys (even if Sophia is playing with them).  While she's at it, she might as well dust the lamps, and hey, shouldn't we vacuum too?  No, I can't take my medicine, because I was just about to go to the bathroom.  Well, I would take it now, but I'm really hungry/thirsty/tired and I need to rectify that immediately, so I'll catch you later, Mom!

I am always amazed at the things kids know without ever learning it.  There are just some things that must be embedded in their DNA.

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