Sunday, October 9, 2011

Two and a Half!

Today was Emma's half birthday.  I'm always looking for an excuse to party, so I knew that I wanted to make today a big deal for my baby girl.  She loved it so much and we had such a great day that I know this will be a tradition that continues for both girls.

We started the morning with a special cinnamon roll breakfast.  Emma was so tickled that she got a candle to blow out with her breakfast. 
For lunch, we went to our church's Octoberfest.  There was lots of great food and games for the kids.


There was also an incredible balloon artist there that made things for the kids.  Emma started off wanting a flower, but once he told her that one of his most popular creations was The Little Mermaid, her eyes got huge and she was sold.  The mermaid was so awesome and it cracked me up. She came complete with a coconut bra.  HILARIOUS!

We had Emma's favorite dinner (spaghetti and French bread) and for dessert, we had birthday cake.  I saw this adorable idea for a half-birthday cake that was made by cutting one layer in half and then frosting the whole thing.  I knew I needed to make this and I was so in love with the way it came out. Notice the 2 1/2 candles. ;)

As a special half-birthday treat, I tried out this awesome idea I saw on Pinterest.  I picked up a pack of glow sticks from the dollar store and tossed them into the bath.  Emma went crazy for them.  They provided plenty of light to bathe by, not to mention just being cool.  It was hard to get some good pictures, but you get the idea.  You should totally try it out.  And I don't mean just for those of you with kids.  Don't think I won't be adding glow sticks to my bath!

It didn't take much effort, but I put one very happy little girl to bed tonight.  I hope she knows that each day with her is a celebration and that she makes us feel so blessed each and every day.  Happy half-birthday Emma!

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