Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Relaxing Sunday

We have had the best weekend and I'm so sad to see it end.  The weather has been gorgeous and we have been trying to spend as much time outside as we possibly can.

This afternoon we took the girls to see their Mimi and Papa.  They had been out of town and Emma was dying to go for a visit.  She spent the afternoon helping their neighbor, "Mr. Bob" reseed his yard.  He was covering the grass seed with hay, and man, did she think that was the best job.  She helped throw down the hay and spread it with her rake.  We'll see if she likes that job in a few more years! ;)

Emma took a longer nap today (I guess she worked too hard), so Sophia helped me cook dinner.  We never got a chance to have Andy's birthday dinner, so we had planned to do that tonight.  While I cooked, Sophia occupied herself with eating Puffs.  She still hasn't mastered the art of getting the Puffs into her mouth, but she can spend hours trying.

Well, of COURSE I took a picture!
After dinner, Emma really wanted to get out and play so we took the girls on a wagon ride.  It's great now that Sophia can sit up on her own and can join in on the fun.  They were so cute in the wagon together.  We passed a house with a barking dog and Emma told Sophia, "I'll save you!" 

I'm so happy that the weather has been so nice.  I have been looking forward to fall and all the fun activities that go along with it.  One of the blog moms that I follow, Katie from Loves of Life, created this adorable Fall Bucket List to print out and check off as the items are completed.  Head on over to see hers and grab one for yourself.   I can't wait to print mine out and get started!

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