Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pinata Practice

Emma no longer bats daintily at the hanging toys in her play mat.  She takes full swings!  And a cute ladybug is her weapon of choice for this particular attack.  

She's finally rolling pretty regularly!  Andy finally got to see the live show on Saturday.  She teased us with turning herself in a complete circle, but gave in and showed off for us.  We also took a trip to Babies R Us on Saturday where we had fun playing with some of the items in the store.  Well, Andy and I did.
On Sunday, we took her to church and she met her old friend Eli (they had previously met in utero.).  I'm sorry to say that she wasn't at all interested in him.  If you ask Andy, she can live her whole life without being interested in boys, so this wasn't a problem in his book.  She had such a tiring weekend of fun that she was pretty worn out by Sunday afternoon (so were we!).  
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Deb said... Best Blogger Tips

All the Emma pics are great. Especially like the one of Emma and Andy sleeping on the couch. I think I have one just like that of Andy and John.