Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursdays are Fun!

Emma had a play date today with her old friend, Eli.  These two have met before, but only in passing and once in the womb.  Eli and his mom came over to play and then we all went out to lunch. Eli was a little shy about meeting "the older woman."  
The future Mr. and Mrs. Tunnell???
I think she came on a little strong. 
His face says it all here.  "Um, Mom?  Can you get me out of here please?"
After dinner, Andy took out his guitar and let Emma play a tune for us.  She is definitely interested in music!

Emma has her four month checkup tomorrow where she will have the second round of her immunizations.  It's hard on all of us, so we thought that we would have a few laughs tonight.  If you have never used the program Photo Booth, you need to ASAP.  It takes your picture with a webcam, but you can choose to distort your faces (think fun house mirror).  Here are a few shots that had us laughing until we cried.  Literally.


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