Sunday, January 10, 2010

Go Matthew!

A few weeks ago, our friends, Amber and Brad, brought their son Matthew over for a visit. Matthew tried out Emma's jumper, but did not enjoy it at all. It seems he has been practicing and Brad posted a video on his blog of Matthew playing in his new jumper. The video was set to music, and Emma was straining to watch it while I was watching it, so I finally gave in and let her watch it on her own. Boy, did she have a reaction! She loved the music and seeing her friend having a good time. We also loved the encouragement she gave him while he was working hard. We're all proud of you, Matthew!

Jump from Tryna Stegner on Vimeo.

2 sweet somethings said:

Brad Roberts said... Best Blogger Tips

That is just precious! I've updated my post with a link to yours :)

Amber said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh Emma, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Matthew loves watching your videos too!