Thursday, April 29, 2010

First Haircut and I Love You

Well, yesterday was a very exciting day at the Stegner household. The first exciting event was that Emma had her first haircut. I was nervous that she was going to cry, scream, refuse to sit still and have an uneven haircut as a result, but of course, none of those things happened. She was as good as gold and once again proved that I worry too much. She charmed all of the staff, as well as the other customers. She was extremely curious about what Jessica (the hair stylist) was doing and was plotting how she could get her hands on those sharp, shiny things, but she sat still and waited patiently. The only time she gave Jessica any trouble was when she needed to cut the back of Emma's hair and she asked me to stand Emma on my lap. Emma decided she would use this opportunity to dance to the overhead music. Other than that, there were no problems and we were in and out. So, the baby hair is gone and in it's place is a neat and trimmed little bob.

After: The front
The back
The other exciting piece of news is that on the way home from the salon, I said "I love you" to Emma and she babbled some words that sounded very much like "I love you too." Andy and I laughed and didn't think anything of it until he also said "I love you" and she repeated the same phrase to him. We continued to say it to her and she kept right on saying it back. I don't know if she knows what she's saying, but in our hearts, we think she does.

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