Monday, October 4, 2010

18 Month Checkup

Emma had her 18 month checkup today. Andy and I were a little nervous since she was a little underweight at 15 months. We just can't keep her still! Although she had only gained a little over a pound, she moved up in percentile. At her last appointment, she was in the fifth percentile for weight. This time she was 20 pounds 6 ounces and was in the twelfth percentile for weight and eleventh percentile for height. She was more proportionate and he wasn't worried about her at all.

Cognitively, she is at 26 months and she made her doctor's day by offering him lots of hugs and kisses. She was also able to do what she does best: show off! She showed him all the body parts he asked for, made animal noises, and talked his ear off. She really loves her doctor, which makes doctor appointments SO much easier!

Unfortunately, she did have to get one shot, but the good news is that she was originally scheduled for two. He didn't see any reason for her to get her Hepatitis A shot now, since she's not in daycare. So he put it off until her 2 year (!) appointment and just gave her her flu shot this time. She was very interested in the nurse's purple gloves and was really happy with her pretty pink band-aid, so her tears were minimal. Yay!

We spent the rest of the morning shopping and had a relaxing afternoon baking cookies and watching her favorite movie, Lady and the Tramp. Even though we had to spend some of our morning at the doctor's office, I loved spending the day with my precious little girl.
Helping Mommy bake cookies

Relaxing with Puppy

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