Saturday, November 13, 2010

For the Love of Yogurt

Emma might not eat much, but what she does eat, she eats with gusto. Yogurt is one of her favorite things to eat; partially because she really loves to feed it to herself. A small cup of yogurt provides an hour's worth of enjoyment.

She starts out using her spoon, but when it's crunch time and the cup really needs to be scraped out, only sticky, little fingers will do.

Sticky, little fingers that cause Mommy to be on high alert. You never know when one of those little buggers will go straight in her ear, her hair, or your hair.
When the eating is done, the fun is not! Yogurt cups have lots of other uses; they can be used as a phone to call up your friends.
Or they can always be used as an extra cup.
I challenge you to have this much fun eating your yogurt!

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