Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hellos, Good-Byes, and Fishies

Golly, it's been a crazy week! I've been back at school for two weeks now and a week ago I met my sweet students. I've been busy getting to know these kiddos and trying to keep my head above the back-to-school paperwork. Every time I think about sitting down to blog, I remember something else I need to do for school. Needless to say, my last post was a LONG time ago.

We also had a very sad day this past Friday. Our sweet kitty, Sasha, got very sick and stopped eating.  She's had problems with her kidneys for a long time and her little body just couldn't keep up anymore. After 15 years of love and friendship, my precious baby lost her battle.  Heartbroken doesn't even begin to describe my feelings. My girls don't quite understand, but they do miss her terribly. She was loved by all of us and will be very, VERY missed.

Last week, we took the girls to the aquarium. This is becoming somewhat of a back-to-school tradition! We have a great aquarium in Gatlinburg and I wish it was closer, because I would go every weekend, if I could. The girls had the time of their lives! Both kids were everywhere and loved every.single.thing! Andy and I both said that it was hands-down our favorite trip so far. The girls are at such fun ages right now!

I'll let the pictures do the talking...

Little Miss all set to see some fish!

Someone please teach me how to take pictures in an aquarium!


Looking for penguins.

A huge "Rosie!"

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