Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Beautiful Weekend

Spring has finally sprung in East Tennessee! We could not have asked for better weather this weekend! Everyone seems happier now that they can get outside and enjoy the fresh air, including our girls.

On Saturday, we headed downtown to Market Square, where lots of great activities take place. This weekend, the Dogwood Arts Festival was holding their "Chalk Walk" and one of the amazing art teachers at my school had a square to design. Some of the kids came out to help with the square and Ms. Q was sweet enough to let my own budding artist participate.

We had a great time walking around, seeing the great artwork and the crowds of visitors. Of course, we had to stop for some delicious ice cream from Cruze Farm. I had the Salty Carmel and it was SO good.

On Sunday, we headed to church and I was really nervous because Sophia didn't do very well in the nursery the last time. I had talked to her about it all morning, telling her that she was going to go to "Church School" and that Mommy and Daddy would be back, and won't she have fun? She seemed pretty excited until we walked into the nursery and then BAM! She started screaming, crying, and refused to leave my side. The wonderful, sweet lady that runs the daycare picked her up and showed her some fun things to play with, but it broke my heart! I never know how to handle that...I know she needs to learn to be away from me and socialize with the other kids, but how do I leave a crying kid? Andy went to check on her during the service and found that they had rocked her to comfort her and she ended up falling asleep. After the service, she was so happy to see me and started to cry again. I really hope she starts to enjoy the nursery. What in the world will she do when she starts preschool???

The rest of the afternoon was less traumatizing. We went to lunch, ran errands, and then came back and napped for almost three hours. All of us. I fell asleep upstairs and when I came downstairs, I expected everyone to be awake. Instead I found this:

Emma was still sleeping too, so we had a lazy dinner and then headed to the grocery store. We sure do live it up around here! :)

I'm glad we had a nice, relaxing weekend, because this week is going to be pretty busy. A certain little girl is turning FOUR on Tuesday!!!

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