Monday, July 1, 2013

Our Weekend

We had such a fun weekend! It was action packed from start to finish. Weekends like this are always fun, but SO tiring! I feel like we need another weekend to recover from our weekend.

On Saturday, Emma's sweet friend, Mia, had a birthday party. There were tons of water games for the kids and it was the perfect day for it. Emma had so much fun and I loved watching her play with her school friends.

When we got home, we got Emma cleaned up and ready for a date with her daddy. He was taking her to see Monsters University.  They were both really excited about their special time.

Andy's parents invited us over for pizza, so we headed out to their house for dinner.  They have a garden for the girls there and they love to visit and see how much it has grown. They were thrilled to see how big the corn and pumpkins have gotten!

On Sunday, we met my sister and Aunt Kimi at Circle G ranch. We had so much fun the last time we went and this time was no different. The animals get SO close and personal!

The girls also loved the petting zoo and pony rides. Funny story: When we asked Emma if she'd like to ride a pony, she asked us if it went up and down and if she could ride a green one. Ha! Our poor little city girls!

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