Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pumpkin Carving

I LOVE Halloween. Next to Christmas, it's my favorite holiday. It's just so much fun and it makes me feel like such a kid.  I was really excited about this year because the girls were going to carve pumpkins instead of paint them.

The girls grew their own pumpkins at their Mimi and Papa's house and they were very excited about that.  They had perfect pumpkins to carve!

Emma dove right into the cleaning and once she got over the initial sliminess, she never looked back.  Sophia wouldn't hear of using her hands and stuck to using the scoop.  Emma drew out her own design and was SO serious about it. It was so cute to watch her.  I drew out Sophia's design, which was scary per her request.  Andy and I did the carving and I think they came out great!

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