Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter and Jaundice

The Easter Bunny brought us the best Easter present.  Emma came 10 days early, so she was able to be here to celebrate Easter with us.  Everyone came over for a BBQ and Emma looked adorable in the Easter dress her Auntie Tonia bought her.  

Emma had her first bath this week.  She really enjoyed it and hardly cried, even when she got a manicure.  She did better than I did.  I was a nervous wreck!  But I got through it without incident. Here she is after her bath, looking pretty. 

As for the bad news, Emma was diagnosed with jaundice and we have had to take her to the doctor's office each day for blood tests.  After three days of evaluation, her levels have increased and she hasn't gained weight, so they have recommended that she lie under a bililight, which will lower the bilirubin.  She has to lie in the "incubator" 24 hours a day, only taken out when she's changed or fed.  Obviously, this has been really difficult.  We just met our new daughter and now we can't hold her whenever we want.  It's been a pretty emotional time for me and Andy is doing a great job of keeping me sane.  Emma seems to love her bililight, since she is nice and warm.  She also gets to sleep all day, which she loves.  She has to wear eye protectors, which make her look like she is tanning.  

It's been a hectic, but exciting 5 days.  Getting to know Emma has been wonderful for both of us.  Learning the little things about her personality has been awesome.  I can't wait to learn a little more each day.

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