Saturday, August 7, 2010

Countdown to School: T minus 3 Days

We decided that since this is our last weekend before I go back to school that we would just have it be about us. Today we had such a relaxing day and had so much fun together.

This morning we woke up (semi) late and took Emma to the splash pad. It was so nice because it wasn't as hot today as it has been. Emma's teeth were actually chattering at one point! When we got home all three of us took a VERY long nap (Emma napped for three hours!). When she woke up she was still a little groggy so we snuggled up in our bed and watched Lady and the Tramp. She loved seeing the dogs and kept pointing at the screen saying "Woo woo! (Woof woof)" We did a little shopping and came home to have a bubble bath. Before bed, Emma learned a new skill: drinking through a straw. She's so proud that she can do it and claps each time she drinks.

Whew! Writing this makes me think we had a busy day, but I can't believe how relaxed I feel. It's just what I need before I gear up for another busy school year!
Getting sunscreen in her hair and doing her Nick Nolte impression

Such a poser!
Hooray for bubble baths!

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