Monday, August 9, 2010

The Kissing Hand

Tomorrow is my first day back to work after two and half months of being a "stay at home mom." It's always difficult to return to work after summer break, but since I've become a mom, that difficulty has been multiplied by 1,000. Last year it was difficult to leave my little four month old that was so helpless and new. This year, it's difficult to leave my spirited, loving, little girl.

I've started the last two years by saying goodbye to the summer and reading The Kissing Hand. If you haven't read it, do yourself a favor and read it today. If you are a parent that has had to say goodbye to your child for some reason or another, it will definitely tug at your heart strings. Here's a short summary: Chester Raccoon is starting school and pleads with his mother to let him stay home. After encouraging her son that school will be a wonderful new experience, she shares the secret of The Kissing Hand. Mother Raccoon kisses Chester's palm and explains that anytime he feels lonely all he needs to do is open his Kissing Hand and he will feel his mother's love. Just before Chester runs off to school, he turns to his mother and asks for her hand. He then kisses her palm and tells her that if she gets lonely, she can open her hand and feel his love.

Crying yet? I can't get through this book without crying. Needless to say, Emma and I share Kissing Hands to help us get through the year. When I've had a long, hard day, I can open up my hand and feel the love from my sweet little one. So long summer, and thank you for blessing me with the opportunity to be home for even a little while.

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