Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Weekend Away

Andy and I took a belated weekend trip to Nashville this past weekend.  Seven years ago, we got engaged at the Opryland Hotel, so we decided to take another trip for our five year anniversary.  Our first stop was the Grand Ole Opry to see the Rockette's Christmas Show.  It was amazing! They didn't allow cameras inside, but I managed to snap a few outside of the building.

After the show, we made our way next door to the hotel to get changed and to relax a little before dinner.  We arrived during their Christmas kickoff and everything was decorated for the holidays.  It was so beautiful and festive.  Our room was in the Delta section of the hotel and it was so pretty there.  Right outside our patio we had a New Orleans street and a river walk.

Looking out our patio door.
The view from our room.
Having dinner without kids was so relaxing.  Andy and I were able to have a nice, long dinner and have a conversation without being interrupted.  After dinner we walked around the hotel and then took a boat ride that takes you around the hotel.  It was so pretty with all of the lights and decorations.

The next morning we went to Ice!, which is an indoor ice sculpture tour.  The theme this year was Merry Madagascar.  Being there without the kids made me a little sad because I kept thinking how much they would have loved seeing everything.  They give you these huge parkas to wear, which is good because it is SO cold inside.  There is even an ice slide, and we gladly acted like a couple of kids to slide down it.

It was so nice to get away, but it was even better to come home to these two little monkeys.

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