Monday, February 13, 2012

Batter Up!

Emma and my mom made a deal several months ago that if Emma started using the potty, my mom would take her to the store to buy any toy she wanted.  Emma wasn't buying it and there was no bribe big enough to make her do something she was adamant against doing. 

Fast forward a couple of months when Emma finally decided to stop dragging her feet.  She's day and night trained now and today she was ready to cash in on her deal. 

My mom took her to Target to pick out her toy and this is what she chose: a bat and a ball.  She was so excited to show us her prize when we got home so we braved the cold temperatures and headed out to play some ball. 

Check out my little lefty! ;)
She was very serious about her game and insisted that we all wear our "baseball hats." Well, of course.  She got the hang of it pretty quickly and actually managed to hit the ball a few times.  We may have a softball star on our hands!

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