Thursday, February 2, 2012

Here Comes the Sun

Well, the groundhog may have predicted six more weeks of winter weather, but it sure didn't rear its ugly head today.

With sickness making its way through every member of our household and not-so-great weather most of the time, the poor girls have been cooped up in the house for far too long.  Today was beautiful, with blue skies and warm temperatures.  As soon as Andy got home, we took advantage and headed straight to the park.

Emma was thrilled when we told her of our plans and she had such a great time.  She's so independent and I'm really trying my best to let her do as much as she can on her own, but I still worry about her.  She sees the big kids at the park doing things and she wants to try it all without any help.  She doesn't realize that's she's not big enough for certain things, and momma needs to realize that she is big enough for so much more.

Sweet Sophia kept herself occupied by picking up every stray leaf, rock, piece of mulch, etc. on the playground.  When she wasn't cleaning up, she was having a blast on the swings and following her big sister around. 

Before we left, we let the girls run in the soccer field to get good and tired.  Poor Sophia tried so hard to keep up with Emma, but she's got a while until she can.  So she settled for her favorite pastime: pointing at everything.

Wait for me!

I'm looking forward to more days like this that let us get out and get some fresh air. Dare I say that I'm ready for Spring?

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