Friday, March 23, 2012

Parks, Preschool, and Wagon Rides

We've had a great Spring Break this week. We haven't been overly busy but we've kept ourselves entertained. On Wednesday we took the girls out to the park. One of our favorite parks recently went though a complete renovation. It was fun, but Sophia was pretty upset that there weren't any swings. She's obviously still getting used to the slide. 
Emma loved that she was able to do most everything on her own. She climbed to the top of one of the structures but was a little unsure of when she got to the very top. Luckily, Daddy was there to help.

This afternoon we took Emma on a tour of her preschool. It was great and Emma was excited, even though she was a little shy with the teacher that showed us around. I can't believe that we're at this point of our lives already. How in the world is my baby two and a half weeks shy of being three and ready to go to preschool in a couple of months?

Since she's been lucky enough to be at home and taken care of by my mom, she hasn't had many opportunities to leave home and certainly never on her own. We try to put her in activities to help her socialize with other kids her age and she always does great. I'm not worried about her ability to adapt at all. I'm worried about MY ability to let my little bird leave the nest.

The school is beautiful and so well run.  We were able to see one class in session and view several other classrooms and they were all wonderful. It was sprinkling so we couldn't tour the playground but we managed to sneak a quick peek. Boy was Emma excited about that playground!

My big girl!
 After dinner, the rain stopped and the sun came out. The rain had cooled things off and it was the perfect time for a wagon ride. The girls love riding around together looking at everything. It was nice to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

Blurry, but I love this smile!

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Mrs. K said... Best Blogger Tips

They grow up so fast, huh? Still as cute as ever!

Tryna said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks! It's amazing how quickly it goes by!

Amanda said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi there! This is Amanda, Jennie's practicum student. Your girls are adorable. I saw the post about preschool and recognized where she is going. My daughter went there for 2 years and we LOVED it! I can not say enough good things about everyone there. My best friend is an assistant teacher in one of the preschool classes.