Thursday, June 4, 2009

"Sibling" Rivalry

As you may know, we have two cats.  One cat is Sophie, who is two and is an outside cat.  The other cat is Sasha.  I got Sasha when she was four weeks old twelve years ago.  She's sweet, gentle, and a great cat.  We never worried about her reaction to Emma, and so far, our predictions have been correct.  She mostly stays away from Emma - her crying and flailing arms scare her.  She even  stays away from all of Emma's things (and trust me, Emma has a lot of things!).  Until now.  Admittedly, we have neglected Sasha since Emma was born.  A demanding newborn is much more of a priority.  And I think Sasha got tired of Emma having all the attention and fun toys because this is where we found her yesterday:

I can almost hear her saying, "Well, that kid can't have everything!"

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