Friday, December 24, 2010

Day Two- A New Hairdo!

Emma's hair has been growing like crazy, so today's adventure was a trip to the salon. I went armed with snacks, drinks, books, and toys. You never know if she'll do well or freak out. I tried to avoid saying "haircut" because when I told her I needed to cut her bangs last month she whimpered the whole time and kept saying "Ow!" The lady getting her hair done next to her looked worried at first; I'm sure she was anticipating tears and screams while she was trying to relax. Luckily, she did GREAT! She patiently sat and watched as Jessica cut her hair. At the end she gave herself a big smile in the mirror and said goodbye to everyone! She was definitely a hit!
Before her haircut

Watching carefully

After her haircut enjoying a cookie.

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