Tuesday, December 21, 2010

No Girls Allowed!

Well, we may have our hands full in less than two months time. Apparently, Emma is not crazy about girls. Every night before bed, Andy and I each read a book to Emma. Tonight, Andy was reading the book Harry the Dirty Dog. In the book, the dog's family is a father, mother, girl and boy. Emma loves to point out all of the things she sees in the book while they are reading. "Choo-choo (train)!"; "Ick (dirt)!"; "bubbles!" Her favorite things to point out are the mother and father in the story. We've been trying to get her to identify the boy and girl in the story for some time now. She picked up "boy" really quickly and he has also become one of her favorite things to spot. However, she refuses to say girl. She won't even acknowledge the girl. She will very clearly point to each character and recite their names; Mommy, Dada, boy. We'll ask her to find the girl and she will point to the boy instead and say "boy." Tonight, Andy had her point to each character as usual and when he got to the girl, he said "Can you say 'girl?' G-g-girl." Emma's response: "G-g-BOY!"

It looks like Sophia will have her work cut out for her!

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