Thursday, December 6, 2012

Santa Pictures 2012

We took the girls to see Santa tonight. I tried not to set myself up to be disappointed, because let's face it; we don't have the greatest track record with Santa pictures:

Emma 2010

Taking pictures with Santa is one of the most stressful experiences to me. There's the mortification factor when your child is screaming and no amount of "it happens all the time" is going to help. There's the pressure to get a great picture with your child smiling like an angelic cherub that never happens. Plus, as a mom of girls, I worry about hair, bows, dresses riding up (see above)...the list goes on and on.

This time around, I didn't mess with dresses. The girls do much better when they are comfortable and if their clothes doesn't make noise when they move. We fed the girls an early dinner and got to the mall during dinnertime. There was one person ahead of us and it was pretty smooth sailing.

We let Emma go first to tell Santa that she had been a good girl and what she wanted for Christmas. He gave a chuckle to her reply: "I need socks and a bike horn because people get in my way all the time." Sophia didn't want to leave me, but refused to be upstaged by her big sis. She cheesed it up pretty good.

I didn't get the angelic smiles, but who wants a picture like that anyway? I LOVE this picture because it is such a true representation of my girls right now. I know I'll look back and remember Emma's timid, careful nature and Sophia's wild and crazy spirit. I love these kiddos so much!

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