Sunday, February 17, 2013

Our Weekend

I can't remember the last time a weekend turned out the way we planned. This winter has been so rough on our family's immune system. I can't believe that I actually want winter to be over, simply because I'm sick of the sickness.

Emma has had a cold this past week and we knew that Sophia would most likely follow soon after. She woke up very early on Saturday morning with a runny nose and she seemed miserable from a tough night's sleep.  She was so clingy and whiny so we spent the day cuddled up in our pajamas.

My sister-in-law was in town, and she had planned on watching the girls so Andy and I could have a belated Valentine's Day dinner, but Sophia was so whiny that we decided to stay home. Aunt Nicole was still able to come by and visit with the girls and they were so happy to have company.

Both girls got a good night's rest last night and Emma was ready to go this morning. Andy took her to Sunday School and I stayed at home with Sophia to let her get some more rest. The plague that has infected our home must have spread to other homes because she was the only child in the three year old class. She had two teachers all to herself and she enjoyed every second of it. She sure loves being the center of attention sometimes, can't you tell? ;)
I'm really hoping that we can have a full weekend were everyone is healthy SOON! I'm ready to enjoy some fun activities with my girls!

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