Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weekend Recap...A Little Late

I'm a little late recapping the weekend for many reasons.

One: I thought yesterday was Tuesday. I guess I just skipped Monday altogether.

Two: Emma decided that she wanted to wake up at 4:00 yesterday. In the morning (!!!!).

Three: Sometimes my kids like to gang up on me. In a perfect world, both of my children take a 1:00 nap. This has only happened a few times. In the real world, nap time goes down like this:

Emma will go down for a nap at 1:00. Sophia will refuse to be put down, and since she rules this household, I oblige (seriously...you don't want to make this kid mad). She will finally fall, and stay, asleep around 1:30.

Emma will wake up at 1:31 and will cry and scream until I come upstairs. The second I walk though the door I am greeted with a "Hi Mommy! Emma's awake!"

Um...no. She will fall back to sleep around 1:40.

Sophia wakes up at 1:42. She will cry and scream and finally fall back to sleep around 2:30.

Emma will wake up for good at...you guessed it...2:30.

The thought of one waking up the other sends me into crazy lady mode, when my only thought is to do whatever I can to make them sleep (for their sake and mine). Sensing my fear, they like to take turns to test my sanity. They do this a lot.

Don't worry...Mommy doesn't forget. Especially when they're older and really want something (Mom, can I go to so and so's house for a sleepover? No. You never napped when you were 2. Forget it.).

So what happened this weekend? Nothing really happened on Sunday, besides the normal laundry and grocery shopping activities, but here's the update on swimming lessons.

Saturday was Emma's very first lesson. Last summer she spent some time at our neighborhood pool, so even though she's been in the water, she hasn't done much outside of her float. For their first class, the kids worked on kicking and blowing bubbles. Emma did...ok. She was a little hesitant and clung to me like a baby chimp. They had lots of gadgets to help them gain independence, and eventually, she started to enjoy herself. Then she would realize that we were not holding her and would say "Ow!"

"Ow" is Emma's new go to word.

Emma, please pick up your toys.


Emma, please finish your peas.


Emma, please do ________ that you do not want to do.


After a series of reassurances that she was fine, we worked on blowing bubbles in the water. Emma was the master of blowing bubbles. She loved it. Then we tried to get her to do it in the water. She wasn't having any of it.

Despite the few hiccups we encountered, I thought she did pretty well for a first timer. Emma never really dives right in when she tries something new (no pun intended). She likes to take her time. That's just fine by me!

Since we were in the water, we didn't get any pictures of Emma swimming, but here are a few random pictures from the weekend:

This is Sophia's newest trick. All she wants to do is stand. If I put her down, she squeals and shrieks until I pull her back up and then she's all smiles.

Here is Emma tickling Sophia. This did not end well. Two seconds after this picture, Emma got a little overzealous and scratched Sophia's leg. We heard about it for the next 40 minutes or so.

Emma was watching a little Mickey Mouse before dinner yesterday afternoon. She said that she wanted to sit by her sister. Sophia enjoyed looking at the pictures too.

Hope your weekend was fabulous!

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