Saturday, January 21, 2012

Big Girl Bed

I've been putting this off for as long as possible, but today, we moved Emma into her "Big Girl Bed."  She has never tried to climb out of her crib even once, so we've kept her contained for as long as we could.  Now that she's potty-trained, we decided that the time had come to give her a little independence.  We had been telling her that she was going to start sleeping in her big girl bed this weekend and she was SO excited. So while the girls and I finished up breakfast this morning, Andy got to work converting her crib.

Saying goodbye to her crib one last time.
Waiting for breakfast is easier if you have a hand to hold.

Once her bed was ready, she couldn't wait to get into her room to see her new bed.  She was thrilled and loved the fact that she could get in and out on her own. She also loved her new bedding set, which I found at Target for a great deal.  It has a reversible comforter so she had a good time choosing which side she wanted showing. 

She was really excited to take her nap this afternoon, which never happens (and probably won't again anytime soon).  It must be pretty comfortable because she took over a three hour nap. 
There's still room for all of her bedtime friends.
Even though it's sad, it's also so much fun seeing my baby grow up and learn so much.  She makes me so proud each and every day.

2 sweet somethings said:

Michelle said... Best Blogger Tips

How sweet! I love the picture of them holding hands how precious!

Jessica said... Best Blogger Tips

Potty training & a big girl bed?! What a big weeks she's had! She looks thrilled with her new bed. So cute!