Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter, Part One

We kicked off our busy Easter weekend with a quiet morning at home.  After breakfast, we let the girls (well, Emma) dye their eggs.  We only did a few because no one really eats them. Emma loved mixing the colors and dropping her eggs in.  She is so neat that we don't really worry about her making a mess. That's a great thing because dying Easter eggs makes me nervous! I'm sure that when it's Sophia's turn we will be doing this outside!

After lunch we headed out to my parents' house for a pre-Easter dinner and celebration. The girls got tons of goodies and were thrilled with their baskets.

The girls also had an Easter egg hunt and they both loved looking for eggs.  This was Sophia's first year participating in an egg hunt and although she liked the search, she didn't understand why she had to put the egg she just worked so hard to find in a basket, just to look for another. Ha!

Emma is an old pro at egg hunts and didn't waste any time getting right to work.  Occasionally, she needed some help, and Papa was happy to oblige.
Once all the eggs were found, the girls had a blast with a new tradition...a pinata! The girls' aunties filled the pinata to the brim with Goldfish, graham crackers, bracelets, and other goodies. Watching them have such a great time hacking into that thing was the best part of the night!

After all the festivities, we all stuffed ourselves with this adorable (and delicious) cake made by Aunt Kimi. Isn't it cute?
These sweet babies make me so happy and we are so incredibly blessed to have so many people love them!

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