Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Emma McStuffins

Have you seen the kids' show, Doc McStuffins? It's on heavy rotation at our house. Emma has been giving us checkups with her new doctor kit and fixing up her toys and dolls.

Today she had her three year wellness check and she went armed with her doctor's kit so she could help the doctors out. When her doctor walked in, she immediately asked him the name of a particular item in her kit (the otoscope). He thought she was hilarious and was tickled by their conversation.

Her appointment went really well and she got to experience a few firsts at this visit. She had her first eye exam and had her blood pressure checked for the first time.  She chatted up the doctor, but was weary of each nurse that came in. She knows who administers the shots! Luckily she only had one shot and she took it like a champ!

She's very healthy, but still teeny tiny. She weighs 27.8 pounds, which is the 23rd%, and is 35 3/4 inches tall (15th %).  She is still so small compared to other kids her age, but according to her chart, she has made a tremendous jump in weight. Luckily she's healthy as can be and is doing great! She'll always be a little peanut.

She's doing great developmentally and has a great vocabulary, according to the doctor. As if we didn't know! Andy got a kick out of one of the questions on the developmental questionnaire, which asked if she was able to say a two word phrase. Ha! Try nonstop phrases!

I'm so thankful my baby girl is so healthy!

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Jessica said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy 3rd Birthday to Emma! I hope she had a wonderful birthday! What a cutie! And my girls LOVE Doc McStuffins too! It's their new favorite show.