Monday, April 16, 2012

Emma's 3rd Birthday Party

Yesterday was Emma's third birthday party. We postponed the party date since Emma's birthday landed on Easter weekend, but it was definitely worth the wait.

We had the party at The Little Gym and it was wonderful. They do such a great job and the kids have a ball. Plus, no clean up for me and I don't have to find room where a bunch of toddlers can run around! We had the party there last year as well and it was so fun to see how much she's grown.

Emma said wanted a "rainbow birthday" so I tried to grant her wish and stay in the theme.

Isn't this shirt cute? I got it here.

Each guest took home a "Rainbow to Go:" crayons and rainbow Goldfish.
I found the idea for these rainbow cupcakes on Pinterest. They didn't come out quite as cute as I had hoped, but I chose to do just white frosting so the kids didn't make as huge of a mess!

Chocolate covered pretzel sticks with rainbow sprinkles.
Rainbow fruit tray.
Rainbow Goldfish, of course!

The kids had a great time playing in the gym and running around. They were into everything and were everywhere!

Sophia had been waiting for The Little Gym her whole life. A place she could run, jump, climb, and yell as loud as she wanted? She was sold!

This game was hilarious! A kiddo would run up to the wedge, push it down, and the kids at the end would get a big poof of air in their face. They loved it!

Will we ever outgrow the crazy smile stage?!?
We had so much fun celebrating our sweet girl's big day!

2 sweet somethings said:

Laura Miller said... Best Blogger Tips

Tryna, you have such a sweet family. I enjoyed having dinner with you guys the other night. I'll keep my Emma Stegner original on my fridge until I get another one to replace it :)

Tryna said... Best Blogger Tips

@Laura MillerThanks Laura! Anytime you want a dose of wild, crazy kids, just let us know!