Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We had a little luck o' the Irish today and Sophia had a relatively good day with her reflux. The doctor recommended adding a little cereal to her bottle to try to thicken the formula, helping to keep the acid in her stomach. This was the first full day we tried this, so we're hoping we'll see some positive results. Any little bit helps!

Emma spent the day with her Mimi and had a great time. She told us all about her day during dinner. She took a trip to the bank and picked up a few gold coins while she was there. She didn't know that they were chocolate filled until after dinner; you could almost see her thinking "If only I would have known!!!"

Here are a few pictures of my wee lasses:

I love those chubby little hands!
A little smile!
She enjoyed her chocolate coin!
Then, we had to run off the sugar.

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Such beautiful girls!