Thursday, March 31, 2011

Still Trying

I took Sophia back to the doctor today since her reflux is still giving her problems. If you remember, her doctor prescribed her Zantac for her silent reflux. We saw marginal improvement and then BAM! Regression. We called the doctor's office to see if we needed to increase her dosage and were told that she was on the highest possible dose for her age and that she would need to switch to a stronger medication.

We weren't really comfortable with giving her a stronger medication as the first and only option, so we decided to try thickening her formula with rice cereal, which her doctor said would help keep the fluid down. That began to help too and we had high hopes.

She was still having occasional issues, and her fussiness was random; she'd have a great day and we would think that we had made it; she'd only be fussy in the evening and we would chalk it up to colic; she'd have horrible days were we'd cry and scream that she had some weird baby disease.

The latter began happening more often than not, so that brings us to today. First off, remember how we were told that she was on the highest dosage for her age? Wrong. She is not on the highest dosage and her age doesn't matter. Her weight does. Her dosage will fluctuate as her weight changes. That would have been good to know two weeks ago. So she's now going to get more meds. If that doesn't work by Monday, then her doctor wants to switch her to a stronger medication. I feel more comfortable knowing that we tried everything before giving her stronger medication.

We had to find out the hard way that we will only feel comfortable with our doctor's answers. We're not willing to let Sophia suffer based on the opinion of someone who has never met, or treated her. It makes me so mad that she's had to suffer unnecessarily due to...lack of communication? Insufficient information? Unwillingness to view her as a patient and not a phone call? Who knows.

We are praying that this gets resolved soon. We want to see more of this:
And less of this:

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