Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Sick Saturday

We had big plans this weekend, but they didn't work out at expected.  Yesterday was free teacher day at the zoo, and I had really been looking forward to taking the girls since the weather has been so nice.  Of course, I woke up feeling sick on Friday.  I have been fighting off a sinus thingy for quite a while and I finally lost the battle on Friday night.  I've been trying to stay away from the girls, because I absolutely HATE when they get sick, but staying away is nearly impossible.  The pollen level has been crazy around here lately, so I'm still hoping that it's allergies that have stopped up my sinuses. 

I think it may have turned out for the best, because both girls were super grumpy yesterday.  I don't know what the problem was, but I'm guessing teething.  Emma still hasn't cut her two-year molars and she's been chewing on her fingers and saying her mouth hurts, so I can only hope that they are coming in soon.  Sophia is going through a separation thing and Andy and can't put her down for a second. She doesn't really like her jumper anymore, which makes me so sad!

Her favorite thing to do is to crawl straight to the marble fireplace, which is a big no-no.  The base of the fireplace is level with the rest of the floor, so there's really no way to pad it and make it safe.  We have to do a lot of redirecting. Emma eventually learned to stay away from it, but I'm not so sure that Sophia will give in as easily. Every time we move her away from there, she screams bloody murder.  She's also learned that she can get everyone's attention by shrieking the highest pitch scream in the world.  It's her newest "talent." Emma doesn't think much of this new development and puts her fingers in her ears.

Sophia took a very short nap yesterday afternoon and was so tired that she ended up falling asleep at 7:00.  It was nice to have a little time to spend with just Emma.  Did you ever do that thing on someone's back that goes "Going on a treasure hunt, X marks the spot?"  Anyway, it's basically one long tickle done to a poem.  She loves for us to that to her and she has learned to do it to us.  She makes us "sing" while she does the motions on our backs.  She does a pretty good job and I wasn't complaining about being her guinea pig!

Today, we are planning on running errands and then heading to Andy's parents' house for an early birthday dinner for Andy.  I'm really hoping that I'm feeling much better and that I am able to go.

I've been the worst blogger in the world lately, but work is just crazy.  I think it's the general consensus around the building that we all feel really busy.  I know I feel like this at the beginning of the year, when it's one thing after another, but I swear, I feel even busier this year (Andy says that I say that every year).  When I have any free time, I am grading papers or planning.  Blogging has had to take a backseat.  Boo.   But here are a few pictures from LAST weekend that I never got around to posting to make up for the absence. 

We went to the park last Saturday to have a picnic and then we let Emma play in the playground for a bit.  The weather was so gorgeous and she had the best time just running around the field.

See that speck?  She's running as fast as she can.

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