Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dragon Boat Race

This past weekend, Andy participated in a dragon boat race and the girls and I went along to watch him. I've been so upset that I haven't been able to download these pictures until now because I lost my camera cable.

This was the first time he has rowed or even been to a dragon boat race. He did great and we were so proud of him! His team participated in two heats, coming in second in the first heat. Unfortunately, they lost their second heat, but looking on the bright side, they were able to go home after a long day at the lake. It was very hot that day!
The girls got antsy hanging around the team's tent because I was watching them like a hawk near the lake and they couldn't really play. Thankfully, there was a small area that let us get them up and moving.

They had a pint sized dragon boat for kids to play in and the girls were all over it. We had to pry Sophia away from the drum!

They had a few inflatables and I was shocked when Emma said she wanted to go down the slide. She didn't want to go down by herself so Andy went with her. I was proud of her for taking a chance!

Great job honey! The girls and I loved cheering for you!

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