Saturday, June 2, 2012

I Made It!

I can't believe it! I made it through the school year alive! If you felt that huge gush of wind last week, that was the collective sigh of relief as we teachers reached the end of a very tough year.  For me, it was THE most challenging year professionally and emotionally

Our state began new teacher evaluations which meant training, training, and more training on the process. It just about killed me. I also had a very tough class that forced me to deal with situations beyond my expertise or control.  I was so worn out from the day that I usually came home and just crashed...hence the neglected blog. The precious time I spent with the girls was without the camera and my spare time was spent detoxing.

There was also a lot of change at our school which has been very tough for me. My sweet teammate, who I have loved teaching next door to, is changing schools. I am thrilled for her and bummed for me. Another sweet friend is changing grade levels and even though she isn't moving rooms, I'm going to miss seeing her and hearing her great ideas.  We are also losing all three of our assistant principals; one is retiring and the other two are off to be the principal of their own schools.  Whew!

But the school year is over and I have a full week of summer vacation under my belt. Here is a quick picture recap of what has been going on with us.

I was thoroughly spoiled on Mother's Day.

My girls are growing like weeds.

My parents celebrated their 60th birthdays and we had a surprise party for them, complete with family from out of state.
The weather has been SO hot and the girls have been soaking up every minute of it.
The biggest news is that my "baby" girl started preschool! She only goes two days a week this summer before starting three day weeks this fall. She has loved it so far!
I am looking forward to a fun and busy summer with my little ladies. Each summer is so different with kids this age because they are completely different people from year to year. I can't wait to see what this summer has in store!

2 sweet somethings said:

Mrs. K said... Best Blogger Tips

Teachers just don't get enough credit! Thank you for all you do, dear. Your girls are presh.

Laura Miller said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you for you kind words. You will ALWAYS be my teammate, no matter how far apart we teach. I have learned so much from you. I can't wait to hang out this summer (and beyond)!

Love you!