Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Today was the perfect summer day! The girls and I didn't have anywhere to be today; no preschool, no Kindermusik, nada. Shortly after breakfast the girls and I got lathered up in our sunscreen and headed outside to enjoy the sun. Things got off to a somewhat rocky start, thanks to our cat who left us a "present" in the backyard. Or I should say, the remains of the present--yuck! After corralling the kids (who were not happy about the sudden change of plans) back in the house so I could clean up, we were ready to try again.

Emma and I made a tinfoil river while Sophia played in the water table. Emma quickly got busy collecting things to float down the river and had a blast until the backyard started flooding. Whoops.

For the rest of the morning the girls played in the sprinklers and at the water table while I relaxed and enjoyed watching my girls play. It was heavenly! After lunch we headed back outside to enjoy a popsicle and a little more water play.
Sophia was a little confused at first.
She quickly figured it out!

I love these sweet kiddos!
We didn't stay out too much longer until we headed in so I could give the girls a bath before their naps. Now they are sleeping (why aren't I???) and resting up for Little Gym. Chicken soup is bubbling away in the crock pot so I don't even have to worry about dinner. I love days like this!

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