Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Week in the Life-Tuesday

I had to keep reminding myself how peaceful yesterday was because today was anything but! We had a thunderstorm come through around 3:00 this morning and it ended up waking Emma. She hates storms so she needed some reassurance before she could fall back to sleep.  I was afraid that the girls were going to wake up again so I was on high alert until the storm passed and finally fell back to sleep around 5:00. Which was just in time for Sophia's wake up call at 5:30. Sigh.

I tried to get her to lay back in bed with me, but she wasn't having it. When the cat jumped on the bed, and Sophia started lunging toward her, squealing in delight,  I knew I might as well get up and start getting ready. Andy took Sophia downstairs while I took a shower and then he was off to work. Sophia and I read and played quietly (well, I played quietly) until it was time to make breakfast.

Tuesday is a school day and I usually have to push Emma pretty hard to eat at a normal pace so we have plenty of time to get dressed before we have to leave. I decided to make pancakes, which is Emma's favorite breakfast, hoping that she wouldn't drag her feet and would eat quickly.  She slept until 7:40, which is about an hour later than usual. It was pushing it, but I knew she needed her sleep. Luckily, the pancakes worked like a charm and we were done eating by 8:15. I got the girls dressed and then it was time to head off to school.

We received a notice from Emma's school that her classroom was painted yesterday, so they would be in different classroom today. Emma was so excited about being in a different room with "new" toys and was especially thrilled when she saw that there was a castle dollhouse in the room.  She's getting to be an old pro at the school routine. She finds the star with her name on it, which is where she leaves her backpack, takes her lunchbox to her teacher, washes her hands, and gets right to work on centers. I love seeing her confident and excited about her school day.

Someone else wanted to go to school too!

Once I got Sophia back to the car, we headed to Starbucks (hello...3 am!) before going to Sophia's Kindermusik class. She's getting so much better about following directions and sitting with me, instead of running around the room. She's still one of the loudest kids in the bunch, though.  Her teachers call her "full of personality." I think that's code for "crazy." :) Her normal instructor was on vacation so we had a substitute and Sophia wasn't fazed in the least. She marched right in and started handing instruments to all of the kids in the class. Andy and I often joke that we have "that" kid. You know the one. ;)
After Kindermusik, Sophia and I headed to Target were we actively avoided the back to school section (eek!).  We almost had a crisis situation when we returned to the car and noticed that Sophia didn't have her beloved penguin, Rosie. So we headed back into the store and retraced our steps. Thankfully, Rosie was just hanging out on a shelf and Sophia was so happy for her safe return.

Once Sophia and Rosie were secured in the car, we headed home to eat lunch. The emotional strain of nearly losing her BFF, combined with her early wake up time, must have taken its toll, because Sophia crashed out before we left the parking lot.  She perked up when we got home and heard the word "lunch" though! After lunch we had some time to play for a bit before it was time to go pick Emma up from school.

Emma had a great day and was so excited to show me the friendship bracelet she made, as well as the green play-doh she created from combining yellow and blue play-doh. Super cute idea!

Sophia was ready for a nap when we got home and Emma elected to play with her "quiet box' instead of napping. While they rested, I caught up on some laundry and trashy reality TV.  I seriously loathe laundry day. I remember when it was so thrilling to wash the girls' clothes and I would ooh and ahh over each tiny item. Yeah, not so much anymore.

When Andy got home I went upstairs to get ready for dinner with Auntie Mimi. We went to Carraba's and it was a nice treat to get out of the house without kids for some girl time. I was back home in plenty of time to help get the girls ready for bed. Thanks to Sophia's early morning and Emma's non-existant nap, it was an early bedtime kinda night. Both girls were beyond ready, based on the abundant tears and whines before bed. Emma looked relieved to lay down and her eyes were ready to close while I was singing to her.

I really hope that the thunderstorms stay away tonight because we need our rest! We've got a play date tomorrow!

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