Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Quality Time

I love spending time with both of my girls, but I really look forward to Tuesday and Thursday mornings when Emma is at school and it's just Sophia and me.  As odd as it sounds, it gives me a chance to get to know my sweet girl better.

Kids are so different when their siblings aren't around. Emma and I had one whole summer together before Sophia was born and it gave us some major bonding time. Now it's Sophia's turn.

Being the youngest can be tough, especially when you're little and can't quite keep up. It's so much fun to see Sophia explore and learn on her own, at her own pace.

This summer has been such a joy and so different from last year.  Next week will be one year from last summer's Week in the Life. I'll be doing that again to document how different our lives are from last summer. I can't wait to look back at last year's posts to compare our days. I will also try my best not to cry at pictures of my wee ones.

I'd love to read how some of you spend your days. If you're interested in joining me to write about a week, or even just a day, let me know so I can come pry into your life! ;)

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